Friday, 25 June 2010

June results: Is it a beautiful game?

The debate was certainly split into two teams - those who felt soccer was a corrupt, money obsessed, scandal ridden waste of time and those who had experience of community soccer giving benefits and opportunities to everyone, no matter their background.

Half the group said they hated soccer or found it boring and a further 17% were neutral. Only a third enjoyed it.

The highest level of agreement was about how to make soccer more useful in society with the top statement (getting 100% support)

  • have a % that professional teams have to donate to community sport charities
The most significant problem according to the Thinking Tank is
  • the enormous amount of money involved: there is room for bribing, for buying and selling players at astronomical figures
And the greatest benefit:
  • It can teach young people about teamwork, about awareness, about winning and losing

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