Saturday, 22 May 2010

May results: and all that jazz

In this month’s debate we considered the role and value of music at a personal, community and global level. We had higher than usual convergence on this topic with lots of statements achieving 80-100% support. Some of these are included below.

The strongest level of agreement was at a personal level:
"music helps me to warm up moments of joy, allows me to dance... and once in a while to start dreaming, thinking..."

We also shared views on the impact music can have on a group
As a mood shaper...
My feeling is that it can create a collective sense, a collective feeling, a sense of connection with others, & a range of emotions
... at a subtle level
it works on a more subconscious level than speech - on a more emotive level
for general and specific good
Many studies have been done on using music to help autistic patients and also those with Alzheimers
We've become so 'addicted' to information (esp written) that maybe we've forgotten the power of music to connect?

Feel the power
The discussion served as a useful reminder to us all about how we can incorporate music into our lives
This debate made me thing of the power of music and that I should use it more often
I have been inspired to seek out music I used to love not just rely on the radio

We concurred on the need for music to be used more widely, especially live music for its powerful potential to affect the people who hear it
Many musicians are taking their music to places that normally don't see live musicians
some songs lyrics do influence the world.
Reminding us of connection, diversity, leraning more about other cultures through music, maybe its a more universal communications process than language
In multicultural communities, sharing traditional music and learning from each other could be a great way to develop appreciation / understanding of other ways of life

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