Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Young people - trick or treat?

A fascinating debate that was surprisingly positive about young people. Comments were made around their different world and different outlook—but in terms of what older generations could learn and the need for support and understanding as they grow up in a complex 21st century world.
· there will always be change and youth will always destroy the sacred cows of earlier generations - as they always have
· They are probably more creative than ever, and their creativity takes a lot of new and unexpected forms. This can cause problems for older generations and be perceived as negative - so what we need to do is to enable this energy to be channelled in positive ways
· Stop talking about young people as "problems" and talk instead about the opportunities
· I think we need to be more proud of young people and challenge the imbalance of negative media about them

Education provides some of the answers
· advice: make schools more fun to go to
· advice: support and develop teachers

Introduce more active positive communication to keep the connection and increase mutual understanding

And fix some things
· Create much more opportunity to explore different kinds of creativity—based on their interests
· Have plenty of outdoor activities and open social spaces for young people aged 11-15. Better habits at this age will lead to better habits at 16+
· Develop wide social skills (communication, tolerance, friendship, caring, listening...) that is the glue for tomorrow
· Treat youth crime as just that—rather than let it leak into youth lifestyle—deal with the issues of crime and violence
· Show that lots of our young people are still lucky compared to many others. Let them feel responsible for their luck to have the opportunity and then support them in taking it

Role models and inter-generational relationships seen as crucial
· Offer positive role models
· Teach by example that people matter
· More contact and respectful relationship with adults outside the family
· More opportunities for young people to get away from their normal environment and mix with people from different cultures
· strong role modelling eg one excellent teacher/relation will influence them enormously
· So we need to have the courage to step up and BE that role model from time to time
· Advise, support and develop parents

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